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The Gang is a Slovak hard rock band formed in 2013 by two brothers, drummer Marek Kudzbel and bassist Tomáš Kudzbel. A year later classically educated keyboardist Igor Mikluššák joined the band. In 2016 a well-known Slovak guitarist Vadim Bušovský became a guitarist and lead vocals have been taken over by the young and talented female singer Dorota Dutková whose incredible voice was noticed by the judges in a national rock contest, where the band was awarded third place. First big success for the band was the release of debut album by the end of 2017. Album has been rated very positively by reviewers not only in Slovakia but also abroad. Band began building its fanbase in Slovakia and Czech Republic, where it premiered in international band contest Líheň 2018, where it was awarded the second place. The Gang also performed at the rock festivals like Topfest or Tanec Slnka in Slovakia and at Dočesná in Czech Republic. Band also performed in Prague at the legendary Lucerna during Czechoslovakia beat festival. The band was awarded two awards: "Band of the year 2018" in CzechParáda in TV REBEL and "Album of the year 2018" awarded by the Union of authors and artists for the debut album. In 2019 they released the second studio album "Let's Get High Together". The Gang's style is a mixture of hard rock roots, combined with modern sound and pure energy that create an explosive, intense and dynamic sound. The band follows the legacy of the hard rock legends of the 20th century.

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