The second album from The Gang. Stronger and heavier than ever before!


01. Let's Get High Together

02. Bad Girl Boogie

03. Angel

04. Your Love

05. Get Down Young Love

06. I Let You Go

07. The Last Sign

08. Sold My Soul to Rock 'n' Roll

09. All Fears Gone

THE GANG (2017)


The debut release from The Gang featuring the young and talented female singer Dory. It's heavy, groovy, fast, melodic and very catchy. Pure classic rock 'n' roll - that's what this album is all about!


01. Let It Rock

02. Get Out of My Life

03. Rock 'n' Rebels

04. Only the Devil Knows

05. I Want More

06. You're the One

07. Real Self

08. Lost Friend

09. Wild Hurricane

10. Different Today

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